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Jest Improv 101 Comedy Program

Improv is a journey. Travel with us to explore the basics and build a strong foundation so you can level-up with ease. If you aspire to become part of the performing troupe, or you simply want to gain more confidence in your own life journey, this is step one.

Great for Enhancing Essential Life Skills

Learning about improv comedy have shown to help with enhancing skills such as self-confidence, team-building, effective communication, quick thinking and much more!

Open to Everyone of All Skill Levels

Whether you have taken improv classes in the past or you've never set foot in an improv class before: this program will help to build a great foundation for anyone looking to learn about improv comedy!

Bonus Deal!

Free admission to the Saturday/Tuesday weekly drop-in class (think: Extra practice) during your 7-week 101 class session. Wow! That’s a $15-savings each time you attend drop-in. PLUS get free admission to our First Friday and Second Saturday shows!

A 7-Week Course Starting on June 22nd

This course will be on Saturday afternoons from 11 am-1:30 pm from June 22nd to August 3rd. A student showcase will be on August 3rd. 

Have Fun with a Great Group of People

The number one priority of improv comedy is to have fun! Share the joy of improv with a great group of people in class and in the showcase.

@ The Bunker Theater in Ventura

All classes (along with the showcase) will take place at the Bunker Theater in Ventura: 2750 East Main Street, Unit B2.

Meet Your Instructor


Unique Cervantes

My name is Unique Cervantes! Yes it’s a very unique name. You can find me performing with the Bunkeristas or the Jest-Hers at the Bunker Theater. I’ve been doing improv for over 4 years now and love the opportunities it gives me to be myself. You can also see more of me on my Instagram: @yes_my_name_is_unique

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