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Hear what people have to say about JEST Improv! 

"It's a wonderful way to be someone you're not. It is a wonderful way to create something that is cartoonish, that maybe you love your art but never get to explore in your day-to-day job or in your routine you've created as an adult. It's a way to perform something simple and fun."

- Jonny Andrews

"It's a good investment for me mentally. You get public speaking in there, you get the mental elasticity. This is definitely a life skill. It expands your creativity."

- Jamie Himan

“Great place to learn and practice different forms of self-expression. The exercises are really fun and engaging. Great place to come and drop the ego. Have a good laugh . All while being encouraged and supported by other attendees to give it a shot.”

- Akshay Shahani

“I had never tried anything like this before today, but this experience was awesome. The group was fun, supportive and full of talent.”

- Sharon Rocha

“I started going to the drop in classes and it is one of the best groups I’ve ever been a part of. Incredibly inclusive and fun! The best.”

- Chris Parker Howard

“I found an inclusive environment here where I can express my own wackiness.”

- Hendrick McDonald

“It’s a healing space for me.”

- Bridgette Tolerton

“It's an incredibly kind and welcoming environment, even for someone like me who'd never done improv before! They're consistently interesting, funny, and fun to work with. Would absolutely recommend [it] to anyone even remotely interested!”

- Maria M. 

“Always a fun time! Everyone is welcoming and no such thing as messing up. Good for any level or curious to dabble in. Yes and!”

- Koda Charlie-Moon Delgado

“A non-competitive, inclusive and creative atmosphere, where everyone gets plenty of time to play the improv games and learn without feeling judged.”

- Billy Brown

“They make it a point to make sure everyone feels supported on their improv comedy journey. I have found a family in the warm and friendly people I have met during my time with Jest Comedy.”

- Lily Khuu

“Always a blast! Super inclusive to all skill levels!”

- Tyler McFarland

“It’s one of the only things that brings me joy.”

- Hana Moon

“This is so therapeutic. It gives you relief. It turns a serious situation into a lighter situation because you find the humor in it.”

- Rey Galindo

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