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The Jesties

JEST Improv's Performing Troupe

Alex Sattler

Troupe Director

Jestie Since 2018

"You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it" — Robin Williams

Since graduating the Conservatory Program at the Second City in Hollywood back in 2018, Alex has dreamed of directing an improv troupe to be able to perform various different formats and have a ton of fun with each other and the audience. Alex is beyond grateful to the Jesties troupe for being so flexible and willing to learn along with crushing every show they do!

Alex Tron
aka "Tron"

Jestie Since 2018

"If we treat each other as if we are geniuses, poets and artists, we have a better chance of becoming that on stage." 

Del Close

Tron is a lawyer by day, and a (somewhat) functioning member of society by night. He's been doing improv for close to 4 years, but has been in comedy all his life. His idols include Tina Fey, Bernie Sanders, and that one guy at Rolling Pin who always hooks him up with the freshest doughnuts.

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Dawn Balk

Jestie Since 2018

“Improvisation, to me, is a way to work through a lot of ‘What if’s?’ and to channel a whole lot of
silliness – whether it’s through characters, or situations, or just imaginary scenarios that wouldn’t make
sense anywhere else. Zaniness – It’s very liberating. Freedom, Baby!!!”

Chris Howard

Jestie Since 2022

Chris came to improv in an unconventional way as most of his experience with performing came from his time as a musician. Finding a new passion for improv with Jest was love at first sight. I remember thinking: “It was like being slapped in the face. I went to a show and thought, that looks frightening. I want to be up there with them! I immediately started classes and it’s been more fun than I could have hoped for."

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Ashley Blom

Jestie Since 2022

Ashley Blom rhymes with Ashley’s mom. Ashley has been improving or improv-ing (or maybe both?) for the past 7 years and being funny for even longer probably.

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