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Top 5 Reasons to Get Into Improv!

Looking for things to do in Ventura County? Trying to get out of your shell after the lockdown? JEST Improv at the Diversity Collective in Ventura is here to help you realize your potential! Here's the top 5 reasons why YOU should get into improv:

  1. You don’t have a script! Being in a scripted production can be a very stressful environment. Everything is planned out, rehearsed, and if you do something that isn’t in the script, the director probably won’t like it. One of the beautiful things about improv comedy is that you can have such an amazing and hilarious time with zero participation whatsoever. Just one suggestion (or “get” as we say in the improv biz) and a group of people you really trust can create a one of a kind performance, and once you know and understand that, you’ll be hooked. Once you go scriptless, you never go back.

  2. Whose Line is it Anyway? If you haven’t had a chance to watch the show that has influenced and inspired so many improvisers (including myself) do yourself a favor and start watching this show. There are PLENTY of compilations on YouTube with “Best of’s” along with playlists of the different games they play. You don’t even have to love improv to love this show, that's how good it is! When you get to do the kind of things that Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie do on stage, you will truly be blown away by how easy it was to do what it is that they do (trust me I thought it was impossible for YEARS). When you start watching this magical show and you start taking classes, you’ll start feeling much more confident in yourself knowing that you’ll be able to do what they do and be just as funny (if not funnier) when you put the time and practice into it.

  3. Meeting awesome people! When you start going to improv classes/shows, you’ll discover how fun and loving improv people are. Since the “Yes, And” principle is basically running through their bloodstream, they’re usually pretty easy to get along with and they have a great “go with the flow” vibe. Since improv people are used to putting themselves out there they’re also pretty outgoing and want to invite people (like you) to events and get togethers/game nights. Last but not least, they’re very funny and can’t help but be very honest. Improv people are some of the best people and you’ll be very fortunate to have them in your friend circle.

  4. Being in a safe & creative environment. Whenever you go to an improv class you’ll never have to worry about being judged for not being super funny/not having a great scene. Improv is deeply rooted in having a loving and supportive community and the most negative feedback you’ll get is from yourself. Improvisers are the most kind and encouraging people and even if your scene doesn’t go the way planned (which is kind of the point with improv, right?) you can rest easy knowing that your fellow improvisers will give you nothing but reassurance and positivity going into your next scene.

  5. Cause it’s so dang fun! Since improv is unscripted, anything can happen in a scene. The chaos of not knowing what will happen next is such a great creative fuel for the performer to take the scene to not only the weird/crazy level, but also the fun level. Improv encourages you to be your goofy self and the goofier you are in a scene, the more your audience and fellow improvisers will love you for it. When you truly let loose and don’t care about having a great scene, that is when you give your best/most fun performance, and when you have fun, the audience will too!

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